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An NGO undertaking project to create awarness about solar panels

Green Energizing

It is high time we all start using solar panels as we are running out of non-renewable recourses like coal, petrol, natural gas etc. The solar cells convert light energy into electrical energy and help us save electricity.

About Us

We are a team of NGOs who work towards making the earth a better place. We conduct training programs on how to install solar panels in your home and help you do your part towards making the earth a better place.

Cost Free Training Material

Our team provides you with free training materials which with you can learn many DYI processes and fix your solar panels by yourself.

Regular Updates

We provide you with regular updates on the technology that is used in the solar panels.

Qualified Expert Opinions

Our team consists of professionals who are trained to solve any issues you might have with the solar panels.

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After installing solar panels at our home, we were able to save a lot of money on electricity. The installing process was extremely simple, and we did not face any issue with the entire process.
Betty Frick
The training materials provided by the team were extremely helpful in understanding various things about the solar panels.
Green Energizing is one of the best NGOs out there. They are a set of professionals who excel at solar panel installation. Getting trained by them was very beneficial.
Adam Brick